Intellectual Property Services


In our expanding world marketplace, more patents are generated than ever before. This globalized,
highly competitive environment increases the vulnerability of intellectual property (IP). LTEC can help
protect your IP. This is our mission.

IP-related technical analysis is a highly specialized field that requires unique engineering skill sets,
state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and customized database tools. Over the years, LTEC has
invested heavily in high-quality equipment and developed and maintained the highest levels of
engineering competence that is so essential to the creation of trustworthy analysis.

Sample Reports

We provide these sample teardown reports to illustrate our research and analysis capabilities.


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copy of our


With more than 30 years in the industry, >110 experienced engineers and extensive investments in the latest equipment and technologies, we are a trusted partner for brand names around the globe. . . read more


As the first and largest circuits, systems, and intellectual property analysis firm in Japan, our strategic location allows direct access to patent databases often only available in their original language (not computer translated) . . read more

Teardown Reports

Typically, LTEC generates teardown reports of new products expected to have broad customer appeal.   These copyrighted reports contain technical analysis of selected electronic systems on the market. . . read more